So today was a brilliant day's birding: I saw my first Waxwing! 

Rob Jaques and myself were at Oak Road Playing fields on the look out for grass snakes, and after rescuing several toads from the path, we took a 5 min breather. I was just casually scanning  the trees above me and saw a small bird. This disappeared and was replaced by a slightly larger bird. From the profile, and colours I immediately said Waxwing, although I thought I was probably being stupid, as it's so late and it wasn't munching on berries as seems to be the typical behaviour. Luckily, despite the fact I had already made several stupid comments throughout the day, Rob still had a look was able to confirm, and took some pretty good pictures! It was amazing, and I never imagined getting that at all today, definitely one of if not the most awesome bird I've seen!

Picture by Rob Jaques



So this weekend I went to visit my relatives in Harwich Essex. Saturday afternoon was spent at Wrabness nature reserve, on the stour estuary, somewhere I've visited since I was really little. Although our arrival didn't coincide with the low tide, which meant only a couple of Redshank on the wader front, it was still a fairly successful trip with great views of RB Merganser, however not much else. But it was the short journey there that made it awesome. We were turning the corner, and I saw a fairly big green/ yellow bird fly across the road, so after shouting for the car to be stopped, I ran back up to the road, and I'm so glad I did because I saw my first Green Woodpecker, sitting on someone's lawn, and it was awesome! Apart from that, several common buzzards on the way back, and a few curlew and oyster catcher heard on the beach at Harwich, and that's about it, but a great weekend. 

Green Woodpecker related art coming soon!