So yesterday I had two lifers. First was the Stonechat, which seemed fairly placid, making it not too bad for taking some pictures! Second was an Egyptian Goose,which brings my goose list to 4 species! In the afternoon, I also had a look for some more Larids, but I missed the only Med, so nothing special!



Yet again no drawings, but I will get some more soon!!!

Anyway, today I went with the Zoological Society to carry out a Shoresearch at Filey! It was fascinating using the quadrats to survey the species, and definitely good practice for going to Whitby in a couple of weeks! Apart from an unfortunate number of dead starfish and crabs, along with the usual rock pool suspects, there were a fair few waders, especially Oystercatchers, Knot, and Turnstones, and long with the usual Larids. Here are some of the Photos!

Oystercatchers, and a few Larids


Herring Gull


Yan of each

So, as well as learning more EY dialect at Tophill today, I managed to get more actual photos! They are very experimental, and nothing particularly artistic as I was just practising with my recently acquired bridge camera, but these are my three favourite pics of the day! I also got some pics of Teal, but they are a bit to distant, but I had no idea how beautiful their plumage is, definitely one of my favourite ducks!

Wood Pigeon, GS Woodpecker, and Chaffinch

Pheasant in motion

... and Mistle Thrush

This is not the end of my Biro drawings though, more coming soon!!!


Bird of the Day: Bittern

Hi all! So, today I saw a Bittern which I was sooo thrilled to see, as they are such an awesome bird! I got some awesome views of it, and even managed to get a pic, however please bear in mind it is taken with my blackberry through my bins!

Look, an actual photo...on my blog!

Pretty sure a Biro drawing will be added shortly though!


Biro Bird of the Day: Jack Snipe

Soooo, I've just finished my first fortnight at Uni, and it has been pretty awesome so far, so I've been way to busy for Pink Cuckoos, but I've eventually got round to it! I decided to go for a Jack Snipe because I think they are a great bird, and I saw my first one the other day! Here it is. (Since there are no photos from the other day, this is Vince Cowell's from last year)

The Picture is very bad quality...