Indian Winter | Patch League

When I went to my patch today, I thought I would go with the intention of doing something I don't usually do: getting some decent pictures. I first went to the feeders where I got some mediocre shots of Blue Tit, Great Tit, and Coal Tit. I then went across to the ponds where I got some close ups of Greylag, Mute Swan, and Mallard which I'm pleased-ish with.
After a quick walk around the rest of the site without any further success, including a second stop at the feeders where I heard the Ring-necked Parakeet I'd seen a few weeks prior pipe up but only for a split second, I set off home, slightly disappointed with my results. 
        Half way down the road, I saw a few of the dog walkers I'd seen earlier. One of the guys asked me if I'd seen the Parakeet, and I replied that I had a few weeks ago but not today. I asked him if he had seen it, and he told me that he had almost daily since before Christmas, and tipped me off about a Peanut feeder, a little off the beaten track where you could get within a few metres. He told me he hadn't seen it today, but I turned around immediately and went to find it for myself. Despite the fact that my gloveless hands were practically ready to drop off it turned out to be a great decision, as I got amazingly close views of a couple of metres and for once some pictures I couldn't be more pleased with! Here are the results: 
I am aware that these birds are very much a pest in many urban areas, but there's no denying that they are absolutely beautiful to look at, and being able to get so close to one has been a real treat! So far my patch has been full of surprises so looking forward to see what it's got in store for me next!

Note: As I'm sure many of you may have noticed (stupidly, not myself), the Parakeet is in fact Alexandrine not Ring-necked (Thanks to my good friends of IveNeverKilledAPipit.wordpress.com for pointing that out to me).


Plants | Patch League

These are just some of the plants I found on the patch today. From Left to Right: Epilobium spp., Hedera helix, ???, ???, ???, Hedera helix, Typha latifolia, Galanthus nivalis, Lamium spp. 

Any help with identification would be much appreciated! My plant ID skills and resources clearly need improving (though probably mostly my ID skills really..)

Hoping to visit my patch as much as possible this week, and hopefully add some nice Inverts to the list!


Time for change

Hi everybody!

I'm writing this post because Pink Cuckoos is boring me a little. I've been pretty lazy with it in the past couple of months, partly because I haven't been out a massive amount, but also because I'm feeling my posts are getting a little boring and repetitive, and I'm fed up of just listing what I see and not saying much else.

I would really really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions/ inspiration on styles of posts you would like to see, and what you like/ dislike about my blog, because I really want to make it better and much more exciting to read!

Thanks for reading!