Time for change

Hi everybody!

I'm writing this post because Pink Cuckoos is boring me a little. I've been pretty lazy with it in the past couple of months, partly because I haven't been out a massive amount, but also because I'm feeling my posts are getting a little boring and repetitive, and I'm fed up of just listing what I see and not saying much else.

I would really really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions/ inspiration on styles of posts you would like to see, and what you like/ dislike about my blog, because I really want to make it better and much more exciting to read!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Just go out there and look for freaking wintering cool birds in your area! I'm sure you'd have more cool stuff to talk about if you explored the world more!

  2. As you know i had the same problem when starting my blog and its a little frustrating! But the way i see it the good weathers on its way and then they'll be lots more opportunities to see new birds and have interesting things to write about. Maybe you could include how volunteering and ringing is going and what you’ve learnt so far and what interesting behaviours you’ve witnessed. Hope that helps!

  3. I love the Biro Bird of the Day feature and all your adventures really. Great to hear from a fellow girl birder.