Plants | Patch League

These are just some of the plants I found on the patch today. From Left to Right: Epilobium spp., Hedera helix, ???, ???, ???, Hedera helix, Typha latifolia, Galanthus nivalis, Lamium spp. 

Any help with identification would be much appreciated! My plant ID skills and resources clearly need improving (though probably mostly my ID skills really..)

Hoping to visit my patch as much as possible this week, and hopefully add some nice Inverts to the list!


  1. Lovely collection. Number 2 Ivy fruits (remember where to check for Blackcaps when they are ripe), number 4 could be Cow's Parsley, last one, check if the leaves smell of lemon, could be Lemon Balm, but I'd wait for the flowers. Good luck!

  2. Hello Jess. The Second picture on top is also an Hedera helix, they have two types of leaves, the palmately juvenile leaves and those, which in your picture also include fruits. I don't know the name of the other plants but I will try to ask some friends about them.