Nocturnal Safari

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day and night at a splendid dinner-pool-party in the country and of course, like most people who go to a house party, I like to take a walk at night to go look for nocturnal wildlife. A quick stroll away from the parcela, and through the urbanisation proved pretty fruitful. Despite not seeing the Barn and Scops owls we had hoped to see, I FINALLY saw my first male Rhinocerous Beetle, along with a female too. Other than these glorious specimens, a strange addition was the Diving Beetle crossing the road, and finally a lovely Blaps, a genus of beetles very close to my heart. 

European Rhinoceros Beetle - Escarabajo rinoceronte europeo - Oryctes nasicornis

Dysticus sp.
Dysticus sp. (underside)
European Rhinoceros Beetle - Escarabajo rinoceronte europeo - Oryctes nasicornis
Blaps mortisaga
 Lately, other than a brief trip to Petrola and Corral Rubio where I saw my very long-awaited first Purple Swamphen, and an even briefer couple of trips to Chinchilla, nature has once again taken a bit of a back seat. The past couple months have had their ups and downs, but now it's summer which means a hell of a lot of free time, and braving the scorching heat to devote more time to the things I love doing.
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