So I've been at Tophill the past two days! Yesterday I went for the usual volunteering, and got off to a great start with 52 Yellow Wagtails, and a Wheatear and Whinchat on the way in alone! (Unfortunately, I'm slightly sceptical as to whether I did see it before it flew away, but Richard got a great pic anyway!) During volunteering the usual suspects were present with Kestrels and Sparrowhawks, along with the Curlew Sands and Ruff, which I saw for the third time. Sadly, we missed an Osprey flying overhead whilst volunteering, but I suppose I've been pretty lucky to have already seen four in the past month! However, I did have a first, with 5 Goldeneye on D-Res. Now I've seen them, I can see just how different from Tufties they are; definitely unmistakable (Something which I hadn't really been able to see from looking in a book). 

And today, I had another lifer (Which isn't exactly difficult right now); Sedge Warblers. The bird ringing was fascinating again, and although we didn't exactly have a great deal of success quantity wise, there was certainly a variety with Wren, Treecreeper, Whitethroat (my second), Blackcaps, Willow Warbler, and Robin. A couple of images here, thanks James for letting me use the Whitethroat pic (biro doodle to come tomorrow). Along with this were more Kestrels (this time, not in the net). And since seeing the Kestrel last week, up close, It's only now I really appreciate how brilliant they are; and their plumage is incredible. Definitely one of my favourite birds.

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