Biro BoP

I saw at least one Osprey today, and since I also saw one on Sunday I thought it would fitting to try and draw one. It was not easy so it's no masterpiece. Having said that, I did spend about 10 minutes or less on it.

The beginnings of the Osprey

The finished thing.


  1. To whip that up in 10 minutes is pretty awesome - the head really captures the bird. Worth it for 2 Ospreys in a week, took me fricking ages tonsee my first one round here (nice and easy in Scotland and abroad). They will be breeding at Tophill before long I guess which will make it all a bit easier. Will pop a reciprocal link on my blog.

  2. Thanks, glad to hear it :-)! Yeah, I bet it is, I was really lucky to see them, especially in such a short space of time! They've been seen daily I think; I'm going back this afternoon so maybe I'll see another! Having them breeding there would be awesome! I don't know what their preferred choice of breeding grounds would be, but if it was where the sparrowhawks were in D- Woods (if you saw them), right at the top of a tree, we'd get some great views, that would be good!