So after my recent bout of laziness, I partook in a bit of Urban Birding this weekend and of course it was to see the Waxwings at ASDA Hessle Road! After lunch at a popular fast food chain, we arrived to find no Waxwings. A few birders had congregated near to the Trolley shelter, and it was not long before we were greeted with a small flock of 5 birds. They seemed very on edge, and didn't stick around for long, doing this a couple more times before a larger flock of around 10+ birds returned, much more obliging and allowing for great views and some photos!

Looking forward to doing a bit more Urban Birding tomorrow afternoon between lessons and possibly more Waxwings! 


  1. I love Waxwings!! I'm looking forward to watching some. In Spanish we call them 'Ampelis europeo'. Ampelises in plural.

    Your pics are great. I also like urban birding.

    Good post! ;)

  2. Aah, interesante! Muito obriada ;-)