Azure skies

Trips to the Sierra whether it be Relumbrar, Segura, or Alcaraz are always a treat for me and one of the things I most look forward to when I'm visiting this part of the world. Today it was the turn of the Sierra del Relumbrar to be graced by our presence, so at 8am, lacking in energy, we hopped into Rafa's car to set off on our little adventure. 

Red Deer

Around an hour later, we arrived. Unlike other trips we'd made to the Relumbrar, once we had arrived we stayed in pretty much the same area, only moving within a couple of mile radius of the three small mountains which provided the centerpiece to both our trip and our views. However, with slightly different habitats as we changed level, we were able to have incredible views of a number of species of which I had previously only had fleeting views, or which hadn't cooperated for me to take a quick snap or video during my last visits. I was also able to life tick two species, Black Vulture which came right at the end of the day, and Imperial Eagle which I was lucky enough to get my first glimpse of within ten minutes of arriving, and the views just kept getting better as the day went on! Here are my photos (some of which I'm pretty proud of, not going to lie), enjoy!

Red Deer

Azure-winged Magpies

Griffon Vultures

Wild Boar
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