Spain I: Twilight Toads and Lepidoptera Everywhere

One of my favourite things to do over here in Spain, is go for night time nature walks. A time of 'day' which would otherwise be spent staring at screens until the wee hours is much better utilised popping a headlamp on, getting togged up (or in my case, underestimating how cold it can get at night over here), and getting out to see what lurks around when I'm usually sprawled out in bed. And so, last week, we did exactly that. A few days later, and we also decided to take a trip to see the sierra in it's full daylight glory, and a quick walk before lunch provided us with a enough butterflies to last a  lifetime amongst other stuff. Here's the snaps:

Epidalea calamita
Argynnis pandora
Phoenicurus ochruros
Pararge aegeria ssp. aegeria

Autographa gamma

Stay tuned for my June nature diary which I plan to have up by the end of the month...

 In the mean time check out my other YouTube videos! Here are just a couple of them:


  1. Althouh we didn't do as much as usual during the summer, I think we saw quite a lot of species!
    Nice layout, I love it.
    Gui x

    1. Yeah! And I still have loads of footage for another video :-)! Thanks goo. x